Our Story

Our mission is to offer every customer Great Service, and Great Products at Great Prices. We offer a wide range of beautiful furniture to suit all styles, budgets, and requirements.

Our story began when our owners, Jon and Danielle Harris, were looking for furniture for their first home and were unable to find anything which they loved at a price that they could afford...

Danielle explains, “We wanted to fill our home with stylish furniture, but just couldn’t stretch to paying high street prices for the designs that we loved.”

While travelling abroad on their honeymoon, Jon and Danielle discovered plenty of beautiful items of furniture at affordable prices and thought that if they loved these pieces, other people in the UK would too.

This is why they decided to launch The Great Furniture Trading Company, and share their stylish and innovative furniture discoveries with UK households.

The dream of our founders, Jon and Danielle, of making design-led, affordable furniture available to those living in the UK has not changed since the days of furnishing their first home and now The Great Furniture Trading Company has the widest range of dining furniture in the UK and is becoming one of the nations favourite furniture brands.

Read on and see Who We are.